On this site I will try to share my experience in building a Boeing 737-800 NG Cockpit


Flight Simulator has been my main hobby since FS II to Commodore 64.


Now I’m in my best age, the kids are grown up, my wife are very understanding, so now it’s the time to make my own Boeing 737 cockpit.

On this site I will try to explain and show how I have done until now. I will share a good as possible so you perhaps can get some ideas to make your own. My goal is to build as close to the real one, but also to make so many items by my self.

Today it’s possible to buy nearly all items but you can keep the cost down if you take the time a do some of it by your self. During this project I have got some good experience how to connect different devices together.


Today Flight Simulator are quite open and with different tools it’s possible to get the devices to work like the real one !

The very best, Claus Hansen, Copenhagen

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