Until 2011 I was happy with my 19” LCD, 17” for FMC etc. my CH Yoke and Throttle.


In the autumn of 2010 we where invited by SVA to join the Oxford Simulator facility at Kastrup a check ride in a Boeing 737NG with a start and land in Kastrup kicked me into building my own Sim Pit.


· Why ? The cost of a real 18 mio $ !!!


· The feeling of a real Yoke, Glass cockpit, the instruments etc…..


Trough MS Flight Simulator and some add-ons it’s possible to build your own. It will perhaps not look 100 % as the real, but instruments and functions can be as the real one.


Before I vent to the Oxford facility I practiced the check ride, and I was able to fly the procedure manually without activating the autopilot in the real Simulator.


So with a Sim Pit and a lot of practice its possible the you can fly the real thing.


So why not build your own. You can reuse some of the things you have, and on some of the pages you can see how I have rebuild my stuff so it looks and feels more like the real thing.


Our community are growing and more builders are showing up and more and more vendors are supporting us.


On this site I will try to share my findings good and bad,