July 15, 2019

A new headset from HP has just been released. A lot of new headsets are coming and have studied the different ones according to specs etc. My choice this time went for the HP Reverb Pro. You can see my review here

Remember to add the timer key in the registration database:

The Mixed Reality Portal has an idle timer that is used to prevent Screen burn-in on Mixed Reality Headsets. By default, this timer is set to 15 minutes (900,000 milliseconds). Physically m...

April 24, 2019

Just shared a video showing how I have connected the hardware of my cockpit into PMDG 737NGX

April 2, 2019

After being a happy user of my Oculus Rift for nearly a year it was time for an upgrade. 

Even that many VR makers are promising new headsets I decided to go for a used HTC Vive Pro. It's not cheap but well know for a good quality and easy setup. Another key issue was support of FlyInside plugin.

Bought it on Ebay UK went smooth expect for delivery handlede by Ebay took 2 weeks !!!

Very easy to setup trough Steam VR and just install the lasted Flyinside plugin...

March 15, 2019

My Saitek rudder pedals have served me for many years.

But it was time to try to build my own real rudder pedals. You can easily buy a set but they are very expensive. I found a set of 737 pedals on Ebay total cost 120 EUR. 

It's difficult to make the movement of the pedals like the real one so I decided to go for the easy setup where the pedals just are mounted i the button. 

I have use 3 mm steel 40 mm X 40 mm for the pedals arm and 2 mm 30 X 30 mm aluminium...

December 6, 2018

It's always difficult to decide whenever a hardware upgrade will improve the flightsim performance as expected. Since I moved to VR my old Nvidia 1070 had some troubles when flying in clouds or very bad weather.

I have read many reports about the 2080 series. Some reported better performance other the same. We "simmers" are stuck with still an old platform but since VR will be a big part of mine simming I decided to upgrade to a Asus RTX2080Ti 11GB. 


December 6, 2018

For some people it perhaps don't make any sense to have a Cockpit setup and use VR at the same time !

But for me it does !

Spending many hours in the cockpit you know more or less where all the knobs and switches are placed. When you are having your VR glasses on I just reach out to the switch or knob and moves it. In the VR cockpit you can see the switch move as you move the real one. The most common ones are those on the MCP, EFIS Throttle and so on. 


June 18, 2018

VR ? Hmmmm when having a real size cockpit why looking into VR !!

Couldn't resist to get a couple of Oculus Rift headset. Saw some reviews and it seemed that people where happy about these together with Prepar3D. 

WOW !!!! Once installed everything changed. I was only my intention to fly VFR in small planes. Once in while I have the chance to fly the a real TB10 GT Tobago in Roskilde. This time I installed the TB add-on into P3D and started my Oculus headset...

March 13, 2018

Well, some times it's worthwhile to check the story behind old things. 

The seats I ordered in the US had a funny story behind. It all stated when I ordered the seats. I was told that they where from a old MD-87 which has been scrapped. Once I received them I checked the serial numbers on the seats. It seems that they where produced back in June 1994, and the "pillows" where replaced in 2007. Nothing else was traceable to the aircraft it self.

Nearly finishin...

March 13, 2018

After a couple of weeks the old MD-87 seats are now installed and nearly as new. My wife has worked hard to re-cover the two seats and it's with a great result. Fun to work with professional material even that it's 25 years old. 

The chairs have been washed and spray painted with RAL-7011. The seat rails are homemade based on two pieces of aluminium put together. I have reused the original locks. In the MD they did not go straight back but out to each side....

March 1, 2018

Just updated my MIP PC to Windows 10 so both PC's in my cockpit runs Windows 10. All went fine until I should install my ARCARS Printer Britek WH-E19. The installation process runs but just finish without installing the driver. 

Found that the reason was due to a unsigned driver, Windows 10 don't like that !!

A fellow simmer pointed my in this direction:


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