Without FSUIPC for flightsimulator will never have been such a success within cockpit builders. This tool allows us to connect all your switches and select a action within Flightsimulator.

FSUIPC together with WideFS allows us to connect multiple PC's to the main computer. In my setup I have two PC's, one running P3D and the other running Prosim with all the panels and switch connected. On the main PC I still have some panels and switches with only connects with P3D trough FSUIPC. 

You can also send a switch input trough FSUIPC to another PC or program. 

Below is how the Autopilot Disconnect switch on the Yoke sends a input to Prosim trough FSUIPC.

FSUIPC Autopilot

Go to Prosim -> Switches MCP and enter the Offset 

Steering triller. Connect the steering triller to a pot meter and add this to a interface eg a BU0836X card. The you can add the Axis in FSUIPC. 

FSUIPC Steering Tiller

Calibrate the Axis. Remember to set the null zone and sensitivity of your pedals otherwise they will overrule the Steering triller


On your flightsim pc you can use FSUIPC to start those programs you need together with your simulator. here you can see mine. This section needs to be added to the fsuipc.cfg

Run4=READY,"C:\Program Files (x86)\AppsFormHolland\FSXMapperHDServerInstaller\FSXMapperHDServer.exe"

CFY Throttle and FSUIPC

Trim Up and Down configuration