FS2020 Scenery Development 

Since the launch of MSFS 2020 it's now much easier for everybody to develop and create scenery to this simulator.

As you can see in the blog I have tried with two small airfields EKKL and EKVL now next is EKRK (Roskilde Airport) which is a quite large project. Everything is built up from scratch using Blender to make 3D models in and MSFS2020 built in scenery editor.

Together with Hasse Grandal and help from local pilots we will create this using real pictures for buildings etc.


EKRK - Roskilde Version 1.1 is now released. You can find it here 

EKKL - Kalundborg

You can find it here 

EKSL - Ringsted Svæveflyve

You can find it here