New Year = More Space

New Year = More space. In my main PC a have a M2 SSD where Windows is installed and as the boot drive. I initially started with a 80 GB. Thought it was enough for Windows and drivers. But as time goes and a lot of Scenery and utilities being installed each program leaves some files on the boot drive and space being used. Saw that ORBX needs at least 10 GB on C drive to run, I was down to 5 GB.

So a new Samsung 250 GB M2 was installed. Used the Samsung migration tool to clone the old drive to the new. Bought a M2 SATA adapter so the copy could be done internal and fast. Took 20 min and a perfect clone to the new drive. Then into boot problems but it’s normal with a new drive. Dowloaded this boot utility to a USB stick and it solved it quite fast. Remember to detach all the other drives before running this !

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