Upgrade P3D computer

It was about time to upgrade my main PC. The old 4790K did a good job, my MIP PC was about to be upgraded so why not upgrade my main PC and move the 4790K to the MIP PC.

The Specs for the new main PC is:

Motherboard : Asus Strix Z270F

CPU : Intel i7700K 4.2 (clocked to 4.9)

Memory : 16 GB 3000Mhz

Graphics : Nvidia 1070 GTX

HDD : Corsair M.2 SSD 250 GB (OS)

HDD : Corsair M.2 SSD 480 GB (P3D)

PowerSupply : Corsair 850W

Cooler : Corsair Hydro H100

OS : Windows 10 Pro

Very smooth installation of Windows and P3D. Runs great without stutters on my three monitors 5750X1080

Some components for the MIP PC (cooler, powersupply)

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