Virtual Reality

VR ? Hmmmm when having a real size cockpit why looking into VR !!

Couldn't resist to get a couple of Oculus Rift headset. Saw some reviews and it seemed that people where happy about these together with Prepar3D.

WOW !!!! Once installed everything changed. I was only my intention to fly VFR in small planes. Once in while I have the chance to fly the a real TB10 GT Tobago in Roskilde. This time I installed the TB add-on into P3D and started my Oculus headset together with the Flyinside add-on WOW WOW WOW.....

I was just like to sit in the real aircraft. 360 degrees view able to look all around and touch all the switches like in the real airplane. And flying...just like the real thing. Starting with taxing everything feels right and you have a great control over the aircraft since you feel you are there. Takeoff and look left and right you can see the ground disappear below you. And when you are flying approach just turn your head, look after the runway and turn the plane to a nice landing.

Just tried the same with PMDG 737NGX. Place yourself in the cockpit and look around. When parked at a gate and looking at the other airplanes it's very close to the real thing.

Must say that this moves our simulation to a new level. Even that I won't give up my full size cockpit, this gives another great realism. You can only (for now) be one person flying but still a great experience.

The image quality is far from HD monitors, but the 360 view does the difference. Performance is great in P3D 4.2 together with Flyinside.

You can use your hands with the two joystick or use the mouse. In most cases its easier with the mouse to flip switches.

Check out all the videos on Youtube even that they don't show what you see inside the glasses in the right way.

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