GPU Upgrade 2080Ti

It's always difficult to decide whenever a hardware upgrade will improve the flightsim performance as expected. Since I moved to VR my old Nvidia 1070 had some troubles when flying in clouds or very bad weather.

I have read many reports about the 2080 series. Some reported better performance other the same. We "simmers" are stuck with still an old platform but since VR will be a big part of mine simming I decided to upgrade to a Asus RTX2080Ti 11GB.

Installation is quite forward. Uninstalling the old driver with DDU, install the new card and new updated driver. Deleting Shaders Folder and Prepar3D.cfg.

Initial experience is are more smooth P3D with as high settings as possible in VR mode. Bad weather is now a trill. Thunder, clouds, rain don't impact performance anymore. Dynamic Light also performs great. The card is still quiet even with Pixels Per Display Pixel Override set to 1.5

But don't expect 15-20 more PFS !!

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