New Rudder Pedals

March 15, 2019

My Saitek rudder pedals have served me for many years.





But it was time to try to build my own real rudder pedals. You can easily buy a set but they are very expensive. I found a set of 737 pedals on Ebay total cost 120 EUR. 


It's difficult to make the movement of the pedals like the real one so I decided to go for the easy setup where the pedals just are mounted i the button. 


I have use 3 mm steel 40 mm X 40 mm for the pedals arm and 2 mm 30 X 30 mm aluminium for the base.


I dismantled the Saitek pedals (quite a job !!) to reuse the interface and potmeters. The brake potmeters had a very short shaft so I replaced those with new 10K ohm potmeters. Quite easy to install and the I could just plug the new pedals in, calibrating in P3D and they worked first time.


For the brakes I have used a gas spring. Bought them here


To get the movement right I have used a special 6 mm eye so you can attach a 6 mm threaded rod. Bought here



A goof friend supplied me with metal for footrest. Four pieces of wood and they where ready to install.





















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