New Rudder Pedals

My Saitek rudder pedals have served me for many years.

But it was time to try to build my own real rudder pedals. You can easily buy a set but they are very expensive. I found a set of 737 pedals on Ebay total cost 120 EUR.

It's difficult to make the movement of the pedals like the real one so I decided to go for the easy setup where the pedals just are mounted i the button.

I have use 3 mm steel 40 mm X 40 mm for the pedals arm and 2 mm 30 X 30 mm aluminium for the base.

I dismantled the Saitek pedals (quite a job !!) to reuse the interface and potmeters. The brake potmeters had a very short shaft so I replaced those with new 10K ohm potmeters. Quite easy to install and the I could just plug the new pedals in, calibrating in P3D and they worked first time.

For the brakes I have used a gas spring. Bought them here

To get the movement right I have used a special 6 mm eye so you can attach a 6 mm threaded rod. Bought here

A goof friend supplied me with metal for footrest. Four pieces of wood and they where ready to install.

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