New Headset

After being a happy user of my Oculus Rift for nearly a year it was time for an upgrade.

Even that many VR makers are promising new headsets I decided to go for a used HTC Vive Pro. It's not cheap but well know for a good quality and easy setup. Another key issue was support of FlyInside plugin.

Bought it on Ebay UK went smooth expect for delivery handlede by Ebay took 2 weeks !!!

Very easy to setup trough Steam VR and just install the lasted Flyinside plugin then it worked in P3D 4.4

It's a really nice visual upgrade from the Rift. Much more clarity. The instruments are not 100% clear but much easier to read. Biggest difference for me is when you look outside the cockpit down on the scenery.

I take my self in looking out the left window all the time and enjoying the landscape.

Headset fits very well just like the Rift which was very easy to wear. The headphones are okay, but not as good as the Rift. Always good and bad when changing equipment.

Performance is great even that the resolution is higher.

The headset only requires a USB 3 and a Displayport to work. The basestations requires power and sends the signals to the control box.

The cables to the control box is quite short so I just ordered a USB and Displayport extension cable.

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